Colorado Stars Softball

Colorado Stars Fastpitch Softball is an organization dedicated to providing a highly challenging environment in which players can develop competitive spirit, personal responsibility, accountability, and a strong work ethic.

Through a mixture of individual and team-based instruction, Stars players are taught strong fundamental skills as well as advanced concepts that build their softball IQ, all with an eye towards preparing them for advancement to each succeeding age group and eventual collegiate play. Each Stars team combines in-season practices with a robust off-season training program that addresses both softball skills and general fitness levels.

Colorado Stars teams typically play in a variety of demanding, high-quality tournaments every season. Additionally, the organization hosts three widely respected tournaments, including the nationally known Independence Day Tournament (IDT), attended by college coaches from all over the country. Older teams play several college showcases, and usually have a dedicated recruiting liaison to help actively promote and place our players with colleges and universities that match their capabilities and desires.

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